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Was designed by Mauro Serret. This is one of the lighthouses included in the 1924 Plan for the Balearic Islands. The Government started building work in 1926 because the difficult access to the rock meant that no tender was put in for the contract and it was declared void.

The lighthouse was opened in 1927, the lighthouse keepers at the Coves Blanques being responsible for its upkeep. It originally employed a dioptric lens powered by acetylene naked flame flashers lit automatically by a sun valve. A crane on the clifftop was used to lift the gas generators.

In 1959 a fierce storm washed the light away and it was decided to build a new stone clad concrete tower, to be situated higher up to be protected from the waves. At first it was a simple beacon given its limited range but in 1971 it was officially declared a lighthouse after work on the lens and lighting system enhanced its range. The light is now solar powered and remote controlled.

Although it is still equipped with an old 500mm AGA lantern, it employs a modern LED acrylic 54 watt lens installed in its interior.