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Technical data
Latitude N 39.922561000000
Longitude E 3.824235000000
Nominal range 18 nautical miles
Height above sea level 45 m.
Light pattern Groups of 3 flashes every 10 seconds.
Daytime appearance Black and white striped tower attached to white building. Height 34 m.
Was designed by Emili Pou. The original lamp used a 4th order catadioptric optic comprising two external vertical rotating dioptric lenses, which alternated a fixed light with white flashes every three minutes and was fuelled by olive oil. Was opened on July 10, 1859. The optical apparatus, manufactured by the French firm, Henry Lepaute, cost 3,250 French francs, at 300 francs for each of the external lenses and 2,650 for the fixed optic which was moved to the Cap Blanc lighthouse in 1970 where it is still working today, being the oldest working optic in any lighthouse in the Balearic Islands. The existence of an underwater cave nearby caused tremors in the building, and panes of glass in the lantern to shatter. In 1969 its height was raised by 17m in order to comply with the range required by the 1967 Improvement Plan. The tower was reinforced with buttresses giving it its unique appearance among the lighthouses in the Balearic Islands. In 1860 the Deputy Governor of the Island of Menorca wrote to the lighthouse keepers requesting their cooperation in the capture of some escaped prisoners but the keepers replied that they were unable to do so because they had not yet been equipped with the weapons that according to the Regulations of the Corps of Lighthouse Keepers had to be kept in every lighthouse.
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