Barbaria lighthouse

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Technical data
Latitude N 38.641143000000
Longitude E 1.389470000000
Nominal range 20 nautical miles
Height above sea level 78 m.
Light pattern Groups of 2 flashes every 15 seconds.
Daytime appearance White cylindrical tower. Height 19 m.
Was designed by Rafael Soler. Before the General Plan of 1967 the local seafaring community had been requesting that a lighthouse be built in this part of the island. It is a typical 1970s lighthouse, completely automated with a rotating catadioptric lens, Dalen acetylene lamps and a sun valve. It was opened on June 15, 1972. In 1995 a new solar lighting system was installed; however the original lens was kept. The rotation system employed is now electro-magnetic and the light is produced by gas-discharge lamps. The lighthouse was manned by keepers from the light at La Mola until it was completely automated. Both lighthouses are now remote-controlled by technicians in Ibiza. The lighthouse at Cap de Berberia is the southernmost light in the Balearic Islands. Its appearance in director Julio Medem’s film “Sex and Lucia” as well as in different advertisements mean that it has become one Formentera’s tourist hotspots. Its location in the most sparsely populated part of the island surrounded by rock formations make for a special visit.
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