Botafoc lighthouse

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Technical data
Latitude N 38.904100000000
Longitude E 1.453907000000
Nominal range 14 nautical miles
Height above sea level 31 m.
Light pattern Occultations every 7seconds.
Daytime appearance White cylindrical tower attached to dwelling. Height 16 m.
Was designed by Emili Pou. The building contract was adjudicated to Andrés Roses and work began on 18th October 1859. The lighthouse was opened on November 30, 1861 along with the lighthouses at La Mola, Capdepera and Els Penjats. It was initially equipped with a 6th order lens from the lighthouse at Els Penjats producing a fixed white light. Some writers claim that fires were lit at the summit of the islet in ancient times to guide sailors and in fact “Botafoc” means “fire coming out” which would seem to confirm this theory. It is of particular interest due to the fact that it is one of the few lighthouses to be built with a two storey keeper’s house, due to the shortage of space available for building. In 1910 the original octagonal lantern with flat panes was replaced by a new lantern with curved glass and vertical fittings. A new 4th order BBT lens for a fixed light with panel to produce a light pattern with occultations every 20 seconds was also installed. This is now on display at the Portopi lighthouse. In 1913 the height of the tower was raised. It was one of the first lights to be be converted to electricity along with the lighthouses at la Creu , Cap Gros, Ciutadella, Maó and Portopí, all of them electrified in 1918. When the lighthouse was first built it was situated on a small island and a lighter service was provided for the transport of the keepers and supplies until a causeway was built. During the Spanish Civil War, the bombing of a German warship, anchored in the vicinity of the lighthouse caused slight damage to the building. The light pattern includes a red sector to signal the islets of Malvins and S’Esponja.
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