Cap Blanc – Cabo Blanco lighthouse

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Technical data
Latitude N 39.363522000000
Longitude E 2.787727000000
Nominal range 15 nautical miles
Height above sea level 95 m.
Light pattern Long flashes every 10 seconds.
Daytime appearance White tower and house. Height 12 metros.
Was designed by Emili Pou. When the lighthouse opened on the 31st August 1863, it was equipped with a fixed catadioptric lens for 6th order lighthouses and a single wick olive oil burning lamp. In 1883 olive oil was replaced by paraffin and a single wick Maris lamp. In 1917 clockwork panels and a mercury flotation bath were installed, producing a signal pattern of 3+2 occultations. In the same year a generator was installed to produce acetylene to power the light. In 1964 this was replaced by an automated Dalen system, also powered by acetylene but producing a new pattern of isolated occultations every 5 seconds. In 1962 the lantern was replaced by one manufactured by La Casa Racional SA. In 1970 the lighthouse was converted to electricity and a 4th order catadioptric lens was installed. This is the oldest lens currently in service at a lighthouse in the Balearic Islands. It was originally built by the firm of Henri Lepaute for the Artrutx lighthouse in Menorca. The lighthouses at Cap Blanc and Cala Figuera signalled the two extremes of the Bay of Palma. Like many other lighthouses it used to be equipped with a supply boat, using a track for transporting fuel from the shore to the clifftop.
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