Portocolom – Punta de Ses Crestes lighthouse

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Technical data
Latitude N 39.414115000000
Longitude E 3.270621000000
Nominal range 20 nautical miles
Height above sea level 42 m.
Light pattern Group of 2 flashes every 10 seconds.
Daytime appearance Black and white striped tower attached to a white house with red roof. Heigth 25 m.
Designed by Emili Pou and opened on December 31, 1863. This lighthouse was included in Emili Pou’s proposals to build a series of lighthouses not included in the General Plan of 1847. The first light used a fixed lens for 6th order lighthouses and an olive oil burning lamp. In 1917 clockwork panels were installed to produce a pattern of occultations (3+4 every 20 seconds) using an acetylene lamp. In 1965 the light was converted to electricity emitting a pattern of two white flashes every 10 seconds, using a catadioptric lens from the Tramontana lighthouse. In 1996 solar power was introduced and the rotating optic was replaced by a catadioptric horizon lens. The height of the original tower was raised on two occasions, once in 1918 when it was raised by 6m at the same time as the lantern was replaced and again in 1965 when the tower was raised by 10m when it was being converted to electricity. There were many shipwrecks in the environs of the lighthouse; as was the case of two Mallorcan catboats on the 20th July 1874 and on the 12th July 1875. In 1882 the lighthouse keepers rescued a vessel owned by Miguel Estela SA, running a cargo of liquor and other goods. Whenever a vessel was seen to be in trouble in the vicinity of the lighthouse, the keepers would raise a white flag and blow a conch shell to warn the guards in the harbour. In 1925 a second storey was added to the dwelling area. On the 6th November 1937 the lighthouse was occupied by a military detachment including German officers. In April 2010 the optic retired in 1996 was being restored and enhanced and will soon see service again.
Public domain
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