Punta de l’Avançada – Punta de la Avanzada lighthouse

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Technical data
Latitude N 39.899815000000
Longitude E 3.110424000000
Nominal range 22 nautical miles
Height above sea level 29 m
Light pattern Group of 2 occultations every 8 seconds.
Daytime appearance Octagonal stone tower attached to building Height: 18m.
Was designed by Eusebi Estada. In 1897 the mayor of Pollença wrote to the General Directorate of Public Works requesting the construction of a lighthouse at Punta de l’Avançada. The project was approved in December 1898. It was originally to have been of the 6th order with a fixed red light but the 1902 plan provided it with an occultation pattern. Construction started in 1903 and the lighthouse was finally opened on the 15th December 1905 with a curious light pattern of short and long flashes separated by occultations of the same length. The longer flashes lasted 8 seconds and the shorter ones 2 seconds while the occultations lasted approximately 3.5 seconds. It initially used a 250mm dioptric lens for use with single wick Maris lamps. The lighting system also included a externally heated 30mm incandescent lamp for foggy days, manufactured by Barbier, Benard and Turenne (the first of its type in the Balearic Islands). The lighthouse was converted to electricity in October 1953 and in 1974 the height of the tower was raised 6m, at the same time structural changes were made and the lantern was replaced. Although the lighthouse was not exposed to fierce storms, on more than one occasion the lighthouse keepers were required to save shipwrecked sailors. On one occasion, the 27th of January 1909, the lighthouse keeper’s youngest son saw a sinking skiff with two crewmen onboard. Only one of the seamen was saved, the other having died only 10 minutes beforehand.
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