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Was designed by Fernando Moscardó y Rafael Soler. Although the building contract was put up for tender in 1974, work did not start until 1975 due to different administrative problems.

It is the tallest lighthouse in the Balearic Islands with an active focal plane of 52m. At first it was powered by electricity employing sealed beam lamps, the first lighthouse to use this lighting system in the Islands.

It is a typical 1970s lighthouse comprising a concrete tower but without living quarters for the lighthouse keepers due to the fact that it was automated right from the start. Technicians from the Botafoc lighthouse were responsible for its maintenance from its opening on 1st November 1978. The lantern with a diameter of 2.25m was manufactured by La Casa Racional SA.

The considerable height of the tower meant that a service lift was required in order to help the lighthouse keepers to lift material to the lantern. The light currently employs two electronic motors which no longer require a mercury bath as was the case of the original assembly.

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