Tagomago lighthouse

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Technical data
Latitude N 39.032669000000
Longitude E 1.648990000000
Nominal range 21 nautical miles
Height above sea level 86 m.
Light pattern 1 + 2 flashes every 30 seconds.
Daytime appearance Octagonal white tower attached to keepers’ dwelling. Height 23 m.
Was designed by Pere Garau. The project was adjudicated to the contractor Conrado Planas in 1908 but work did not start until 1910 until after the administrative processes for the compulsory purchase of the site had been completed. It was opened on the 1st December 1914 with a 25cm catadioptric lens employing a 35mm Chance lamp with a pattern of 2+1 flashes every 20 seconds., replacing an earlier lighthouse at Punta Grossa on the mainland. However the Punta Grossa light was not put out until 1916 after seamen petitioned for it to be kept burning until a beacon had been installed at the entrance to the harbour at Cala Sant Vicenç. In 1948 red panels were incorporated into the lamp with aim of signalling the shoal at Santa Eulària. Later on a beacon was installed at the Santa Eulària shoal on a metal post but the Tagomago lighthouse still includes red flashes as part of its light pattern until March 22, 2013. In 1967 the tower was enlarged, taking on the appearance that can still be seen. Permanent resident keepers were no longer required at the lighthouse when it was automated using lighting equipment powered by acetylene gas. Since then technicians from the Botafoc lighthouse have been responsible for its maintenance. During the Spanish Civil War seamen responsible for supplying the lighthouse were abducted by three republicans who wanted to escape the island and made to sail to Algeria in the lighthouse supply skiff. The last keepers left the lighthouse on the 17th July 1963.
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